Why did we change our name to iGenerator?

Simply because this product was initially developed and tested on generators produced by a major American corporation.  This corporation disliked the fact that our name was too similar to theirs, and forced us to change. Because we are Apple enthusiasts and developers, we thought of a name that starts with an 'i', so iGenerator was selected and we registered the domain.

However our product works with ANY BRAND OF GENERATOR, and any brand of TRANSFER SWITCH.



Our experience with I.T. server rooms, UPS (battery backup power), and generators goes back to 2003. This was the year of the big blackout in Eastern United States, and we learned that most generator owners are oblivious of their generator. Consequently, a generator that has a dead battery, or low oil, will sit without being checked for months at times, and simply will NOT start when required.

Our monitor sends an email alerts to the owner of the generator when there is a status change, for instance a FAILURE TO SELF TEST. The owner is then aware that the generator is not functional, and has the opportunity to have it serviced, rather than waiting to find out in an emergency situation.  



is a registerd trademark of:

1917906 ONTARIO Inc.
trading as  iGenerator.ca

21 Abilene Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M9A 4M8     CANADA

Tel: +1 416 800 9252

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