Watchdog LINK for CUMMINS

quietconnect6-generator-cummins-437Watchdog LINK for CUMMINSWatchdog LINK for CUMMINSWatchdog LINK for CUMMINS

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An completely new monitoring device that informs you automatically of the status of your generator.

Its main feature is that it connects via modbus to your generator.  In practice it means it is CUMMINS READY.

You will receive alerts via email when a fault is detected, with detailed status logs available on our server. It has redundant communication.  It may be connected to your LAN (not mandatory), and at the same time it communicates via GSM.

How does it work?

    •    We detect all the signals of the CUMMINS controllers, including statuses, voltages,error codes, etc.  Everything that CUMMINS provides, we have. But we also have a lower price and lower monitoring fee!!!!

    •    We also detect, with two processors working in synch, GSM disconnections and faults, as well as LAN communication issues. We recommend you connect the unit also to your router in order to always have 2 redundant paths of communication. The unit re-initializes automatically if any fault is detected.

    •    You and your installer will be notified of all regular weekly self test, as well as any utility failure, generator failure, or transfer switch failure in order that an eventual repair can be performed quickly.

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